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About Candice
Candice Grant Dog Show Handler
Candice is an amazing girl. She has spent many nights beside the whelping box with me when one of our girls gives birth. Candice is an accomplished pianist and equestrian rider. Be it Field Trial or Confirmation show Candice enjoys being a part of all we do with our Brittanys. She handles dogs in the open show ring in Canada and in the United States and has exclusively handled many of our top winning dogs. Candice also handles other breeds of show dogs for people. She is a very successful Handler. Candice has won Best Overall Junior Handler too many times to remember.
All of this and she's a graduate from the University of Western Ontario with her Bsc and is now in Med School and will be a doctor. She is a wonderful loving daughter with a kind spirit. Candice has travelled throughout Canada, the United States and France.
I am truly blessed!
Brittany dogs shows and handling Candice Grant horses
Candice Grant Dog Show Handler
Candice Grant Dog Show Handler Candice and praciticing with for show with a Doberman
Candice in Idaho