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Ataboy Cats
Pet Peeves
This is an area where I want to express some of my Pet Peeves. I believe that if you
have spent time reading about me and my Brittanys you already can see how
dedicated I am. I adore my Brittanys as I adore my two legged children. I have
worked very hard to have a great reputation and for the love and the betterment
of the breed. My husband, my children and I are a team. Together we are Ataboy.

Pet Peeves

1. Other 'breeders' who claim they are my family so people will purchase a dog from them. I don't want
anyone riding my coat tails. People should stand on their own accomplishments.

It matters where your puppy comes from!

2. Breeders who don't prove their dogs. Proving a dog consists of competing and having a judge say that the dog is worthy. That's a fact. This is absolutely critical. Don't tell me it doesn't matter as you just want
a Brittany as a pet. Good! As I believe first and foremost a Brittany should be a loved family member.
However, shouldn't that puppy come from a breeder that is dedicated and proven to be breeding for the
betterment of the breed. I believe that by competing and winning with my Brittanys directly transfers over to great structure which is directly related to long term health and quality of life.

3. The definition of a puppy mill is:
One who breeds exclusively for profit not for the betterment of the breed.
Therefore if they are not proving their dogs through judged competition how can they prove they are bettering the breed. Why are they breeding? For money! Read between the lines when researching a breeder and deciding whether they are a puppy mill or not whether their concern is for the health and well being of their dogs and the future dogs they create. Is the breeder good enough for you? I believe a good breeder is lifetime committed to their puppy families and be able to teach families about any aspect of training their dog. How would a breeder know if they have a good dog if they can't even train their own dogs to walk on a leash. How are they qualified to be the judge of good and great quality dogs without real training and competing.

4. I find it extremely upsetting when a 'breeder' is not available to other breeders. It is important to set a
good example and to welcome and encourage other Brittany breeders to excel with the knowledge and
quality of their breeding program.

As the saying goes
"If you don't like losing then breed better dogs"

5. Breeders who use misleading words to make families believe they have quality and knowledge to offer. Read between the lying.
"from Champion lines" so what did they actually do with any of their dogs

"We don't show or test our dogs. We prefer to be home with our dogs."
(again) so what did they actually do with any of their dogs

"We are considered a large kennel operation" "Our dogs are considered valuable members of our family" Those 2 statements are opposite and on the same breeders web-site.

6. Please make informed decisions. It is your money, your family, your new family member. Don't send the wrong message. It is not okay for people to seel under-guaranteed puppies and / or from unproven adults.

Not all Brittanys are created equal.