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Welcome to Ataboy Registered Brittany Kennels. We are professional Brittany breeders. As registered Brittany breeders we pride ourselves on maintaining the AKC standard and the CKC standard. The following pages include emails that I received from families that own Ataboy Brittany puppies. Also, included are emails and comments from families that are looking for advice. I published this page as a reference so you can read other peoples comments about us and our Brittanys.

A Brittany is one of the most versatile dog breeds. They are incredibly loving and intelligent. They make fabulous friends and companions be it at home, in the hunting field, in the obedience ring, in the show ring or in competition for agility and flyball.

It is of the utmost importance to me that people know how much I adore my Brittanys. They are all an important members of my family. I only breed Brittanys that are AKC and CKC breed standard. They also must posess the skill and intelligence to work in the field. I show and trial my Brittanys.

Even if you are not interested in showing or trialing your Brittany you can be proud that you have an Ataboy puppy who's parents were carefully selected. And that, all of our puppies are born out of the love and the commitment to the breed. All of our puppies are loved and encouraged from the day they are born so no matter what function your Brittany will have in your life he or she will be up to task.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to view this page. I welcome emails of stories, comments and questions.

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