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Click on the pictures above. This will take you to each of our American Brittany Spaniel dogs page with their pictures, information, pedigrees and larger and more pictures of our Brittanys at show, hunting, Field Trials, Hunt tests and at play.
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Our Brittanys are not kennel dogs. Our Brittanys are loved and cherished family members. Our puppies are born and raised in our home with our family. We are not a zoo where you look at a bunch of untrained, unsocialized stress out animals behind a fence. We love our Brittanys dearly and we spend a vast amount of time with them. We train all of our Brittanys ourselves. We are always available to our puppy familes for knowledge, assistance and training advice for any facet in your Brittany's life. No matter what task, job or competion you would like your Ataboy Brittany to learn we can teach you and your Brittany. We are available to you for pet training, leash walking, show, field, obedience, grooming, tricks, etc.

Our personal choice is that we have competed with our Brittanys. We believe in putting back into the breed. We are dedicated to the quality and the betterment of the breed. We believe in education and support of the quality proven purebred dogs as loved and cherished family members. We feel it is critical to compete with and prove our wonderful Brittanys. Breed standard for size, coat, looks and temperment is specific. These qualities directly transfer to and compare to quality and longevity of average life in those lines, relations and offspring. Remember it's not an Ataboy Brittany unless your puppy comes directly from Ataboy.

This is our comittment to you to families and owners of our dear Ataboy Brittanys.