Spaying or Neutering

One of the most important questions you will need to consider is whether you want to have your puppy spayed or neutered. If you are not sure, discuss it with your veterinarian. Most agree that spaying or neutering makes for better pets.

But remember, neutering and spaying are irrevocable surgical procedures, so you must be sure that you will not want to show or trial your Brittany. If your puppy is healthy, the operation is relatively safe.

Spaying (ovario-hysterectomy) involves a general anesthetic and abdominal surgery. It can be done anytime after four months of age. Once the incision heals completely, she can look forward to fewer health problems and no heat cycles. Females spayed before their first heat cycle have a reduced risk of mammary (breast) cancer. If you plan to have your puppy spayed, there is no reason not to have it done early.

Castration of the male puppy, usually done after he is four months old, is performed under a general anesthesia and requires only a brief stay in the hospital. After the operation, your neutered puppy will be an even better pet and companion, content to stay at home and not go roaming in search of females in season. Also, neutered males
cannot get testicular cancer.

The recovery period after spaying or neutering generally lasts seven to ten days. Your veterinarian will advise you on post-operative care.